One of the very few tequilas still made the old-fashioned way, Ocho is also the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced, and the precise field from which the family-grown agaves were sourced. Each batch comes from a different field or “rancho" - contributing distinctive nuances to each vintage, while always retaining the delicious, agave-forward, ripe, peppery notes of Ocho’s house style. We call this terroir in agave. We harvest our agaves only when perfectly ripe and ready, never too soon, never compromising quality.

“Tequila Ocho is the future of Tequila, bringing you the full sense of a time and place of harvest we call terroir.”

– Carlos Camarena

“What comes from your heart is more important than what comes from your head.”

– Tomas Estes

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